"PRIAPOP" Sculpture by Carmelo La Gaipa, 2012

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"Carmelo La Gaipa, an indipendent author of ideas that are then put into images, has always been dealing with the three-dimensional aspect of an object. Starting from the object trouvé, he modifies its form and function using unusual materials and arranging them to a modernist aesthetic. This is the concept of his latest creation “Priapop”, that arises from Priapus’s figure, a Greek and Roman god. The god's main quality was the abundance of his penis’ size, and for that he was considered mainly from patrician women as a good luck symbol, and therefore used in the form of an amulet.
La Gaipa makes a copy-and-paste operation, drawing from history in an extremely ironic way,
deconstructing existing forms and creating new ones with pop, post-popular endings, addressed to a blurred crowd of buyers /amateurs, diviners of new design that are always looking for innovations to satisfy. The same goes for the marketplace, Carmelo La Gaipa and his current personal research. "

Rita Vitali Rosati

diam 19 h 53 cm 

diam 7.48 h 20.87 in 

Data sheet

  • Main material: Wood
  • Secondary material: Aluminium
  • Artist: Carmelo La Gaipa
  • Year: 2010s

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